Comic 126 - Day of Rags: A Card Game
28th Oct 2019, 5:00 PM in Oneoffs
Day of Rags: A Card Game
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  Terrax bursts through Yaneel’s door, with the Aquilion’s shark like features it might have looked a little intimidating, if it weren’t for how uncool what he said next was “OH MY LORD Yaneel, did you see Premonition released cards based on The Cage!!!” 

  The old owl-like Olet simply chortled back and said “Please child, I’ve already made 3 decks.” 

  The two sat down and set up their game with the excitement of children just released from school. Yaneel took the first turn spending her first turn energy card and placing a creature card which she dramatically reveals the name of with a swipe of her feathered hand. “The Shadow”, Terrax chuckles while putting his card down “Well I guess you win” he says with a smile “Can’t be any card better than that!”

  “I think you should take a closer look at that card,” Yaneel says in reply.

  Terrax leans over the table to read the truly miniscule text on the card “ONE ZERO STEALTH!” he exclaimed in disgust.

  “Yeah, they didn’t even give you pilfer,” Yaneel responds in between laughs.

  “The Choir Cutpurse has better stats than this and that’s just an uncommon!” Terrax exclaims as he frantically scans the card to find anything good about it.

  “Well that makes sense, you’re just a common,” Yaneel says with an unintended biting edge.


  There’s a knock on the door as Terrax reads the cards lore description quickly under his breath, Yaneel gets up to answer it as she hears “...due to the frequency of his crimes... the shadow was… not one person…”

  Yaneel opens the door only to be greeted by a trio of children singing “So the rags, never meet, give us something good to eat!”

  Yaneel gives a deep sigh before muttering “Shit that was today wasn’t it…”, as she looks back into her small home to find anything to give them one of the children says “My mom says you should never say that word!”. 

  Yaneel reaches back to put some dry fruit and stale mints she had lying around in the children’s bags and replies “This is The Cage honey, you better get used to shit, cause you’re gonna get a whole ton of it”.

  One of the kids clearly frustrated by their “Treats” snaps at Yaneel asking “What are you supposed to be anyway some kinda half mummy?” pointing at her bandages.

  “Oh no children, my real costume is under the bandages” Yaneel lifts the bandages off her face and the three children instantly run away screaming.


  Yaneel sits back down at the table, “Don’t you think showing those kids your skull and brains and stuff might scar them,” Terrax says judgmentally as they continue their game.

  “Oh no, the brain went a few weeks ago” Yaneel responded with a calmness that does not match what she just said.

  “Then how the fuck???” Terrax stammers puzzled.

  “Dust affliction is a hell of a thing, there’s a reason those Flame assholes call it Undeath,” Yaneel retorted bitterly.

  “Hey…” Terrax starts, a little offended.

  “I know, I know, that’s one good thing about living in The Cage, all the corrupt horrible Flames that deserve to be here are too powerful to ever show up here.” Yaneel continues trying to find a lighter subject “So most of the Flames here are pretty good. Like your wife, how is she?”

  “OP as shit,” Terrax says proudly as he places a card with silver trim around its edges down “The Slayer of Chain, twelve five fleetfoot.”

  “Wow, she’s a real glass canon, huh.”

  “Oh, you don’t have to tell me,” Terrax says before proceeding to wink no less than 15 times at Yaneel who simply rolls her one remaining eye. As the two finish up their game there’s another knock at the door, Yaneel gets another handful of gross fruit and answers the door.


  “Alright, alright take your shit and get- oh hi Dess!” Yaneel says as she opens the door Terrax snapping to attention at the mention of Dess. 

  “I’ve heard reports of a skeleton scaring kids at this residence…” Dess says deadpan sarcastically.

  Yaneel opens the door wide as Dess steps in, her lithe cat-like Fenlyn frame walking into the room ears perking up upon seeing Terrax “Congratulations Flame you found the spooky skeleton on Rags, did you run out of ghosts and werebeasts to hunt” Yaneel jested.

  “Haha, your day has been going better I suppose, still playing that children’s game?” Dess asked, clearly tired and bored with work.

  “Awwn c’mon Dess it's fun, they just released cards based on The Cage, most of us are in it even,” Terrax replied half apologetically. 

  “Well, there’s nothing for a Flame to do during Rags so… Deal me into your dumb game,” Dess replies.

  Terrax seems to beam with excitement producing a deck he had inexplicably hidden under his chair the entire time “Dess I’ve been waiting for you to ask me that since the day we got married!”


  Terrax begins to walk Dess through a match against Yaneel couching her through the entire process. “So wait this one is supposed to be me, it doesn’t have my name or anything?” Dess asks Terrax as she points to The Slayer of Chains “It says I killed the Vampire in Chains I didn’t do that, I’d never...”

  “Well, in their story that character did, but it’s just kinda based on you...” Terrax replies trying to console her.

  “Yeah it’s rough sometimes, if you think the Flames Portrayal of the Traitor Paladin is bad, in Premonition they made him an actual demon,” Yaneel says presenting a card from a different set depicting a Paladin wreathed in flames with one wing coming out of his back also on fire.

  “Oh, alright...” Dess replies slowly drawing a card before instantly playing it without getting Terrax’s input first. “The Vampire in Chains eight twelve soulsteal, soullock which is different I guess and multiattack,” Dess exclaims with uncharacteristic excitement. “If I use the haste instant I can crush the Golden Swordsman and soulsteal its seven damage then attack you for the second part of the multiattack and you’re dead?” Yaneel simply sits in stunned silence after that.


  “Oh my god Dess, that was amazing!” Terrax exclaims excitedly.

  “Terrax…” Yaneel says a little concerned “The Vampire in Chains is this sets uber legendary… they only printed a hundred of these… how much money did you spend on packs?”

  Both Dess and Yaneel look at Terrax with anger and worry respectively, as a long silence fills the air.

  “Well, you know with Ren gone the college fund was freed up…” Terrax stammers slowly.

  “There isn’t any higher education in The Cage Terrax,” Yaneel notes increasingly worried.

  “I know, it was a uhhh coll-get out of here fund! And uhh… 1200 gold?” Terrax says sheepishly.

  “All right Yaneel you’ve been a real great host, but boy it looks it’s getting late and me and Terrax have things to talk about so thanks for having us over,” Dess say exasperated as she drags her husband out with her.

  Yaneel tries to smile as she closes the door and says, “Oh um, alright feel free to come over again!”
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